(Almost) Ending the Year On Some Trendy Business

We know, we know…it’s not our last post of the year, but it’s close to it! We figured it would be good for anyone looking into getting published to get the heads up: the results are in, publishing trends are here.

Before we get started though, we want to direct you to the source in which the general info comes from. Opinions and advice are ours! But check out this blog/publishing service.

Let’s get right into it!

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  1. First and foremost, is the decline in reading going to push writers away from publishing their work?

    We vote a big fat NO. Reason being, we see the decline in reading as a way to push writers to treat their work with care (and to get into e-Pubbing, but we’ll discuss in a second.) Getting all the pre-publication shenanigans out of the way is something so many people don’t truly pay attention to – so maybe, it’s time we give our precious work some TLC and hire a few people to take a look at what we’ve got.

  2. Print books remain #1. What does this mean for you?

    While everyone (or maybe it was just me) believes that eBooks are the only way to read now, we come here to confirm: this is not true. Print books remain the champion of reading (even if less people do the act of reading.) Now, before you comment and say, “getting my book printed will cost so much money” or “I can’t seal the deal with PRH or Tor or any of those big publishers!” Don’t forget about print-on-demand: the most efficient way for a self-published author to get their book in physical format! So you can still make your way into the print market without a major publishing deal (sorry, big guys.)

  3. Audiobooks are still on the rise!

    We love audiobooks here at HRM. We talk about them enough to say we’re not surprised they’ll continue to rise come the new year.
  4. We’ve talked about it once, we’ll talk about it again: hybrid/collaborative publishing is important and will continue to rise in popularity in 2019. Why should it be important to you?

    Hybrid publishing and collaborative publishing are important mediums to self-published authors (or writers looking into self-publishing.) We want the quality of a major publisher (you know, the big tough editors and the fantastic printing jobs) but since deals from them are far and few between, we need an alternative. An alternative where we have creative flexibility and control over the work in question. These mediums are just that. They provide the quality care to your work as well as giving you the power over it – with consideration, of course. Major publishing houses ensure a bigger paycheck, but why not get your foot in the door to start?

  5. Marketing is your best friend.

    We talk about marketing a lot on this blog. It’s an important part of being a writer/author who wants exposure. If you’re interested in keeping up with a variety of marketing tactics, just use the search bar for this blog and we guarantee you’ll come across something.


Happy Holidays, everybody!

Simplicity & Books

Keeping up with book trends and sales? Don’t worry. We are too. There will always be highs and lows, one extreme to another. This isn’t really a trend but just a little something we noticed in the office. Everything is so simple.

so simple.gif

Sure, writing the book isn’t simple…getting the book to be noticed by an editor/publisher isn’t simple…the process of production isn’t simple…but when the final product of the book is in the author’s hands or a trusty reader’s yearning finger tips…do they just look at the cover and think, it’s so simple? We’re referring to the cover art itself. And because we came across a list of books in which the title said, “Most Beautiful…”, we thought it was about time we sit down and chat about cover art. Again.

Calling something beautiful is subjective to the writer of the article. Some of the titles on this list have been hyped up and plastered all over the internet, they were bound to become bestsellers. But there was one common thing among the covers we needed to stress. They’re so simple. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity but the simplicity of these books has helped bump up sales revenue. Many fiction titles are beginning to look…uniform. Once again…there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s getting money in someone’s pocket, regardless.

We’re not here to dictate what you should do with your book. But if you find yourself in need of change and you could envision a bit of abstract art or an object as the cover of your book, then maybe it’s time you send out a few emails to the cover designers out in the world. You may appeal to a new crowd looking for the simple covers that get them wondering what the heck the cover is trying to tell them.

Thank goodness we live in a digital age where all we have to do is delete and upload a new image.

Age of Escapism

escape.gifWith the end of year in sight, we tend to highlight expected sales trends of the upcoming year. We’ve seen high sales in politically-driven pieces, success behind female leads, and diversity taking the reigns.

Say hello to our oldest and dearest friend, Escapism. Too dark? Fear not, we mean well with this. Listen here: escapism isn’t a new concept. It’s been around forever. Since entertainment conception came to fruition, to be exactly. It’s a drive for many to pick up books and escape to another world, where chaos can be mended.

To say the least, the consumption of books may rise when we think about what’s going on whenever we turn the news on. With this chaotic day and age, there may be an interest in any genre, really. As long as there is provided escape to a new world.

Help provide the escape for potential readers. Provide the bridge between their reality and your fictional world. Get to writing.

A Visual Tale

Originating in Japan, the visual novel has made quite the impact on interactive reading for tweens, teenagers, and new adults.

A platform designed for artists and storytellers, visual novels take reading to a new level. Some stories revolve around custom characters, while others don’t. The storylines vary but the biggest genre here is romance.

By teaming up with graphic designers or digital artists, authors can create a version of their story which would appeal to those who like visuals accompanying their story or travel down the similar route as Harry Potter. (We’re talking about the game released where you become the witch or wizard, in case you missed it!) Building the world for your readers first and building a fanbase, may make transitioning to visual novels much easier. They don’t all have to be romance stories; they’re just the easiest genre to get into!

visual novel.gif

The Bubble Has Burst

We’re talking about the creative bubble bursting. If it has, this may be a bad sign. PSA: this is not okay.

In the situation where your creativity has run dry, we have a few kind words to send your way. Take a step away from your computer, notebooks, or brainstorming station. It’s time for you to recharge your creative energy in hopes of coming back with a bang.

Creative spurts or waves…they come and go. That doesn’t mean you have to exhaust your brain and learn to hate what you once loved.


Wake Me Up When September Ends [6]

Don’t worry: we’re up.

And we’ve got a list of newly released audio ready for your ears. Get ready!

all ears.gif


  • Alex Rivers // STOLEN SOUL
  • Kate Stewart // THE REAL


  • Mila Young // CURSED
  • Elle Cross // SO DARK THE NIGHT


  • Bella Winters // MY BEST FRIEND’S DAD


  • Eva Chase // 2 TITLES


  • Jaxson Kidman // 2 TITLES
    • LET YOU GO


  • Ashley Meira // SMOKE AND MAGIC
  • Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez // THE DARKEST OF LIGHT
  • Joanna Blake // RIDE WITH THE DEVIL


  • Elle Cross // SO BRIGHT THE DAWN
  • Jamie Schlosser // TRUCKER
  • Jenna Wolfhart // A TOUCH OF STARLIGHT
  • Lisa Suzanne // THE POWER TO BREAK
  • Mila Young // CLAIMED


  • Kathleen Wheeler // BROUGHT TO OUR SENSES

Listen To Us! [5]

We’re at it again with the audio publications. If you’re interested in seeing what is in the works, we recommend following us on Facebook or seeing our memes on Twitter. Get ready to dive in!



  • Eva Chase // DRAGON’S DESIRE
  • Marion Kummerow // UNRELENTING
  • Mila Young // CHARMED


  • Stella // DR. FELLATIO


  • Michael Chatfield // SACREMON


  • Charleigh Rose // BAD INTENTIONS


  • Isabella Starling & Demi Donovan // TEACH ME DADDY
  • Isabella Starling // PEEP SHOW


  • Jenna Wolfhart // A SONG OF SHADOWS
  • Marion Kummerow // UNYIELDING


  • Amie Knight // AN IMPERFECT HEART
  • J.H. Croix // 4 TITLES
    • HOT MESS
  • J.L. Bryan // THE TOWER


  • Kate Canterbary // FRESH CATCH


  • Ashley Meira // HIDDEN MAGIC
  • BJ Harvey // SECOND CHANCE
  • Elle Cross // GRIT
  • Eva Chase // CONSORT OF THORNS
  • J.R. Rasmussen // A DARK RECKONING
  • Lidiya Foxglove // PRIESTESS UNLEASHED


  • Lillian Cole // HIS TO CLAIM


  • Alex Rivers // HUNTER’S SOUL
  • Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez // UNDAUNTED
  • June Winters // FORBIDDEN PUCK


  • Nina Walker // BLACKOUT


The Meme To End All Memes

Everyone has their memes to get them through the day. We have so many personal favorites to spice up our posts, we thought it was about time we shared some with you all. Plus, it’s nice to sit back and laugh at the accomplishments (or lack thereof) when it comes to working on our writing. Let the memes begin!


First of all, we are starting with the meme everyone can relate to: I have an idea, but haven’t started it yet. Mainly because it’s a tough one to go home after a full day’s worth of work, and put your eyes on a screen if that’s all you’ve done for the work day. Fear not, Lisa Simpson understands your feelings more than you probably know.




Next up, we’ve got a meme for our writers who like the darker side of things. Jim Halpert always mirrors our emotions even at the strangest of times. Writing about things you wouldn’t usually write about (i.e. murder) could be quite alarming for those who don’t know you as a person…or even for those who do know you.



It’s happened to every writer in the history of writing: making characters suffer and enjoying every second of it. Don’t feel bad about this. J.K. Rowling probably made the same face when she was killing off characters in Harry Potter. It’s every writers’ guilty pleasure.


killing the relationship.jpg


We know what you’re thinking…another meme about killing off characters?! Well, yeah. It’s a guilty pleasure. Plus, nothing is better than building something beautiful then tearing it apart to make another character stronger after they’ve been broken. There’s reason behind the madness…I swear!



Then after everything has been said and done: here comes the editing. Sure, you wrote it now…but who made it sound so awful? Definitely not you! Someone must have written it while you were sleeping or something. All in all, editing isn’t fun. And this face is very relevant.



But this is the most important one. Because why are you reading this post when you should be writing? 😛

Audio in July [4]

If you’re interested in seeing what is in the studio, follow us on Facebook! Now onto our July pubs…



  • Charlie Hart & Anastasia James // 3 TITLES


  • Elizabeth Knox // BLACKJACK
  • Ripley Proserpina // SHADOWS OF THORNS


  • Courtney Konstantin // SURVIVE


  • Jaxson Kidman & London Casey // 3 TITLES


  • Frankie Love // BUILT
  • L.M. Halloran // DOUBLE VISION
  • Shari J. Ryan // MANSERVANT
  • Violet Duke // BEFORE THAT PROMISE


  • Lillian Cole // HIS TO CLAIM




Re-Format It

Why is it important to format your book? If you’re new to the industry, maybe it’s time we revisit our publishing journey series we started awhile back.

If you’re sending your manuscript on its journey for representation, double check your submission. The basics?

  • Font
  • Margins
  • Space
  • Align
  • Page numbering
  • Page headers
  • Chapters
  • Italics
  • Single character space

Some extras people tend to forget?

    • Scene breaks: you have to indicate them with something.
    • Make the ending clear: use THE END or the # sign. Make it clear it’s over.
    • Don’t forget your title page with all of your information along with your agent’s information as well.formatting.gif


You can make your manuscript look as crazy as possible for your own pleasure but, for goodness sake, don’t send out your blue background and yellow letters make it into an agent’s lap.